I ┬ácan’t remember when I first met Aaron Sprinkle. We’ve talked about this and he can’t remember either so, I’m not going to feel bad about tagging him in this post and calling that out.
What I do know is that it was more than a few years ago that we met and I can recall how much I loved hearing his music almost instantly. I can recall hearing Marco Collins play Poor Old Lu and Rose Blossom Punch on the radio. While working at Sonic Boom Records and then atThe Crocodile I know there were some Fair shows we worked on together. And that doesn’t even begin to bring in Blank Books and Luna Wave into the picture and how great they are.
Which sorta brings us to present day. Aaron and I were talking a few months back about the “lost” Rose Blossom Punch EP “Sorry to Disappoint You” and how he’d love to see it released on vinyl. Which I thought made a lot of sense and as that’s pretty much the point of Latent Print Records, seemed like joining forces to get this done was just a logical step in this awesome process. Also, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that without Nick Barber, Terry Coggins, and Paul Mumaw this whole thing wouldn’t be possible as well. Some really fine fellows all around if you ask me.
So without further ado, I present to you Rose Blossom Punch’s “Sorry to Disappoint You” EP on vinyl campaign (LPR005 for those of you keeping track)
Please check it out and if you’re so inclined help spread the word to a friend or two you think might be interested.
-Pete / LPR