LPR006 is here!

Well, the announcement for it is anyway. A split 7″ between Carrie M Akre & Old Friendly. Both songs are previously unreleased and both songs are fantastic!

Carrie‘s track, “For Kaia” comes from the transitional songwriting period between Hammerbox and Goodness and arguably could be considered the first Goodness song as it features the original line-up of the band with Danny M Newcomb, Eric Akre, Garth Reeves, and Maryellen Cooley. A song about family, support, and love. Have been fantastically in love with this song for so long and am so excited that we’re able to release it and share it with you.

On the Old Friendly side, the band presents a song that marks their first recording since 1997. A brand new track titled “The Speech”. With the line-up consisting of Dean Smith, Craig Woodall, Jon Boetes, Joe Gilmour, and Jim Acquavella this time around, they’ve really crafted an amazing track that is hopefully a sign of more to come 😉

Because we’re always planning, learning, trying to keep things exciting around here, we’ve chosen to forgo the usual pre-order/crowd-sourcing plan for this one and will have it available for sale on the 17th of August at the Tractor Tavern to coincide with Carrie’s CD release show. After that it will be available online and in some of your finer record shops across the land.

As an additional note, for those of you in the Tri-Cities area (or for those of you looking to take a roadtrip, we’re working on a joint release show on Saturday October 19th. You’ll definitely want to mark your calendar for this!

Special thanks to Baiba Rubino of Broken Clock Photography and Olivia Barajas for the photos to help create the covers, Mike Strassburger for the excellent design work, Chris Hanzsek for advice, wisdom, and mastering, and Cravedog, Inc. for helping make this release as awesome as it is.