LPR008 – The Ladybird Unition – 5 Song EP

LPR008 – The Ladybird Unition – 5 Song EP

So way back in December of 1994, The Ladybird Unition recorded a handful of songs. These songs were circulated to a handful of folk and that was about it. Until now. While this release was originally intended to be support the Loudermilk / The Ladybird Unition / Dust Moth shows, seemed to make sense to do our part to help pass the quarantine time some by releasing the EP now, rather than waiting until the shows are rescheduled later this Fall (hopefully)

You can find LPR008 – The Ladybird Unition – 5-Song EP on vinyl over at the Latent Print Records web store (along with hats and shirts too!)

Thank you so much for your support!

Available now:

Western State Hurricanes debut LP announced

Western State Hurricanes debut LP announced

When I started the label, I made a list of five records I was hoping to see on vinyl (and, fingers crossed bands reunited) Now the list has grown since then but, today marks the announcement of the fifth of those original ideas and I’m so excited to announce the pre-order campaign for the Western State Hurricanes
I can’t count how many times I played that original demo tape of theirs. And how great I always felt those songs were. And are. Some of them have made the transition into Long Winters tunes but, there’s an angularity and punch to the WSH versions that drive those songs in a completely different way.
In my early days of trying to find my way into the Seattle music scene, I recall helping set up a weekend of shows with the Nevada Bachelors, Western State Hurricanes, and Death Cab for Cutieat the OK Hotel and then the following night we repeated the bill, made it all ages and added Jen Wood. That one was at a place that at the time was called the Beatbox (that previous to that I think was an old strip club. I seem to remember a dancer’s pole in the middle of the stage at this show) on Capitol Hill. It was an epic weekend and a testament to just how great the bands in this area could be.
The Western State Hurricanes were one of those bands that always had a sort of mythical aura around them. Helping to refocus the Seattle music scene beyond the ideas of what drove people to pay attention to the Northwest in the 90s to begin with. They had a flirtation with Sub Pop Records, a rivalry with The Stranger‘s music editor Everett True, and during the brief time they were active, they captivated anyone and everyone who came across their path.
Bo Gilliland, Stephanie Emery, Michael Shilling, and especially John Roderick, have already put in a great deal of effort in bringing these songs back to life and I can’t wait for what comes next. The album will consist of 10 songs, on colored vinyl, and the band has agreed to a couple of reunion shows in February of 2020 to help support release.
We’ve put together a great campaign with some excellent reward/perk options for you, should you be so interested.
Thank you so much for reading this far and (if you’d be so kind) helping spread the word.
Carrie M Akre & Old Friendly Announcement

Carrie M Akre & Old Friendly Announcement

LPR006 is here!

Well, the announcement for it is anyway. A split 7″ between Carrie M Akre & Old Friendly. Both songs are previously unreleased and both songs are fantastic!

Carrie‘s track, “For Kaia” comes from the transitional songwriting period between Hammerbox and Goodness and arguably could be considered the first Goodness song as it features the original line-up of the band with Danny M Newcomb, Eric Akre, Garth Reeves, and Maryellen Cooley. A song about family, support, and love. Have been fantastically in love with this song for so long and am so excited that we’re able to release it and share it with you.

On the Old Friendly side, the band presents a song that marks their first recording since 1997. A brand new track titled “The Speech”. With the line-up consisting of Dean Smith, Craig Woodall, Jon Boetes, Joe Gilmour, and Jim Acquavella this time around, they’ve really crafted an amazing track that is hopefully a sign of more to come 😉

Because we’re always planning, learning, trying to keep things exciting around here, we’ve chosen to forgo the usual pre-order/crowd-sourcing plan for this one and will have it available for sale on the 17th of August at the Tractor Tavern to coincide with Carrie’s CD release show. After that it will be available online and in some of your finer record shops across the land.

As an additional note, for those of you in the Tri-Cities area (or for those of you looking to take a roadtrip, we’re working on a joint release show on Saturday October 19th. You’ll definitely want to mark your calendar for this!

Special thanks to Baiba Rubino of Broken Clock Photography and Olivia Barajas for the photos to help create the covers, Mike Strassburger for the excellent design work, Chris Hanzsek for advice, wisdom, and mastering, and Cravedog, Inc. for helping make this release as awesome as it is.

Rose Blossom Punch Announcement

Rose Blossom Punch Announcement

I  can’t remember when I first met Aaron Sprinkle. We’ve talked about this and he can’t remember either so, I’m not going to feel bad about tagging him in this post and calling that out.
What I do know is that it was more than a few years ago that we met and I can recall how much I loved hearing his music almost instantly. I can recall hearing Marco Collins play Poor Old Lu and Rose Blossom Punch on the radio. While working at Sonic Boom Records and then atThe Crocodile I know there were some Fair shows we worked on together. And that doesn’t even begin to bring in Blank Books and Luna Wave into the picture and how great they are.
Which sorta brings us to present day. Aaron and I were talking a few months back about the “lost” Rose Blossom Punch EP “Sorry to Disappoint You” and how he’d love to see it released on vinyl. Which I thought made a lot of sense and as that’s pretty much the point of Latent Print Records, seemed like joining forces to get this done was just a logical step in this awesome process. Also, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that without Nick Barber, Terry Coggins, and Paul Mumaw this whole thing wouldn’t be possible as well. Some really fine fellows all around if you ask me.
So without further ado, I present to you Rose Blossom Punch’s “Sorry to Disappoint You” EP on vinyl campaign (LPR005 for those of you keeping track)
Please check it out and if you’re so inclined help spread the word to a friend or two you think might be interested.
-Pete / LPR

Black Happy Campaign Announcement

Black Happy Campaign Announcement

Pretty sure it was somewhere in ’91 that I first heard about Black Happy. Probably in some sort of awed, hushed whisper in the hallways between classes… in that way you do when you want to impart the gravity of the situation on someone.

“Have you heard Black Happy? They’re coming to town. You’re going to see them right?” stated as much less of a question and way more of an imperative for crucial adolescent development.

No surprise, the next time they came to town I went and saw them. If I’m being truthful, I don’t remember all that much about the show… according to the flyer Small was on the bill, who I’m sure no doubt crushed it (they always do) as well as Empty Set (pre-SDRE) opening up… as for Black Happy, I know I was blown away and I know I wanted more. I recall making my way to the merch table to buy a copy of Friendly Dog Salad and upon finding out they were sold out of tapes, happily upgraded to the CD… and at that time spending the extra $3 or $4 for the CD meant a lack of fries or milkshake at Shari’s later on so, clearly a band had to be really impressive to warrant that sort of upgrade, right? (I do have a clear memory of playing the album over and over at Christopher L. Walker‘s house while playing computer games all day long the next day so, it seems I remember the important stuff I guess)

In any case, it’s fair to say I was converted. Pleased to join the club and help spread the word in any way I can. Happy to drag any friend remotely interested in music to see the band whenever they came through (looking at you Matthew Johnson) Always eager to pile friends into the car to roadtrip to see the band in such exotic locations as Yakima and Ellensburg (there was even one time I tried to sneak into a 21+ show of theirs in San Diego) As any fan of the band can attest, once you join that club, you happily join for life.

So here we are, however many years and shows later and I’m still so ecstatic to wave my Geek Club flag with delight and be able to announce that Latent Print Records will be reissuing Black Happy’s Friendly Dog Salad and Peghead albums on vinyl in August of 2018. And yes, there will be reunion shows to support these releases too.

Many many many thanks to the band for their confidence in LPR to make this happen. Their enthusiasm for seeing this whole thing through has been so very wonderful.

And while I’m at it, absolutely need to mention/thank Arthur Hagman, Steve Bergstrom, Chris Hanzsek, Megan Roberts, & Jason Doctor for the support, advice, and hard work to help make this happen. It sounds cliché, but this couldn’t be done without you. And the band. Definitely them too.